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Meet Embizzy

Embizzy empowers membership organizations with the ability to fundraise through a free and proprietary e-commerce platform.

Participating organizations’ members can buy and sell goods and services from one another and support their organization by doing so.

Through Embizzy, organizations, e.g. schools, churches, alumni organizations, etc., strengthen their membership community by facilitating personal and professional relationships.



Connect to your members as they connect to one another. Embizzy provides a benefit of belonging to your organization that does not exist without membership.

Grow Together

Embizzy provides organizations with a unique fundraising tool. Your members can support your organization by buying goods and services from people who share their same values and interests and contribute a portion of the sales to the organization through a seamless transaction.

Grow Closer

Through Embizzy, organizations can support their members’ skills and businesses by publishing opportunities for them to make money. Members can grow closer to each other by knowing each other’s vocation or avocation.

Do not miss on the opportunity!